Development of Abstract Relation Types for Systems and System-of-Systems Evaluation

Presented at CSER 2007

Joseph J. Simpson, Dr. Cihan Dagli, Dr. Ann Miller, Dr. Scott Grasman, and Dr. David Enke

Abstract relation types (ART) are used to represent, describe, and evaluate systems, as well as establish a computational framework for systems and system-of-systems. The concept of an ART is built on two fundamental ideas: binary relations and abstract data-types. These two ideas are combined to create an ART that provides a well-defined, structured and executable representation of a system or system-of-systems. The complete, holistic systems evaluation approach is based on six ART constructs: context, context, concept, function, requirement, architecture and test (CCFRAT).

A link to the PDF paper:CSER07_ART_paper

A link to the PDF slides:CSER07_ART_Slides