Technical Reports

SC_TR_00001 DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1937.5363

Structural Modeling

SC_TR_00002 DOI: 10.13140/2.1.2821.1201

System Analysis and Identification

Standard Matrix Examples



2010 Publications

A Systematic Approach to Information Systems Security Education

Secure Software Education - A Contextual Model-Based Approach

Complexity Reduction: A Pragmatic Approach

System Security Capability Assessment Model Development and Application

2009 Publications

System of Systems Complexity Identification and Control

A Pragmatic Complexity Framework

2008 Publications

System Architecture Evaluation

Systems-of-Systems:Power and Paradox

Secure Adaptive Response Potential

Evolutionary Algorithms

Evolutionary Algorithms for System Evaluation

2007 Publications

Development and Application of ART

System Description and Evaluation using ART

Development of Abstract Relation Types

2006 Publications

Formal System Concepts

Formal System Concepts SMC

System Engineering Patterns

System Engineering Patterns INCOSE

System Engineering Patterns SMC

2005 Publications

A Meeting of the Minds

Systems Engineering UML

System Integration Frameworks

A Generic Adaptive Systems Engineering Information Model

2004 Publications

System Frameworks

A Generic, Adaptive Systems Engineering Information Model

2003 Publications

Systems and Objects

2002 Publications

FRAT - A Basic Framework for SE

Innovation and Technology Management

Market Your System Engineering

2001 Publication

DoD Legacy SE

2000 Publication

DoD Legacy SE

1999 Publication

Concept Map Communications Tool

1997 Publication

Back to Basics Again

1992 Publication

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